Solid Timber Bathroom Vanity with Inlaid Basin (Sustainably Sourced Jarrah)

Onsen Design

Handcrafted with premium sustainably sourced solid timber, then encapsulated with (advanced) Eco-Friendly coatings, our solid timber bathroom vanities are each, a unique piece of art.
Providing practical storage whilst showcasing the generously proportioned sustainably sourced hardwood, we introduce our "V-Block" Bathroom Vanity with integrated basin.


- Free-Standing solid timber Bathroom Vanity with integrated Basin
- Available in 900 x 450 and 1200 x 450 mm
- 3 (three) Soft-Close Drawers, each made entirely from Solid Hardwood
- Custom Inserts within Top Drawer (removable)
- With or without Tap Mounting (customised to suit your requirements)
- Sustainably Sourced, Carbon Locking, Solid Australian Timber
- Eco-Friendly and Human Safe, Advanced Boat Centric Coatings
- Created with Green Powered Tooling
- 5 Year Replacement Warranty
Our bathroom vanities are encapsulated with multiple layers of [multiple] high performance, boat building centric coatings. The outer 6-8 layers being an Eco & Human Safe, non-leaching high specification compound that is very hard wearing, UV rated and scratch resistant. This process of encapsulation is quite a labour intensive exercise, with up to 16 individual layers this usually takes 3 full weeks to complete.
LxWxH          900 x 450 x 910 mm     or     1200 x 450 x 910 mm 
Weight:         52 kg    /    115 lbs
Lead Time:    3-5 weeks
* Our bathroom vanities are hand-crafted, as such a slight variation to specifications are expected, generally +\-  5mm

** Each piece of sustainably sourced timber is unique, so too is each bathroom vanity... both the wood itself & the process of hand creation will mean that no two pieces are exactly alike... it is this imperfect perfection that makes each accessory special. 

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