Bathroom Shelf (300 mm)

Onsen Design

Handcrafted with premium reclaimed solid timber, then encapsulated with (advanced) Eco-Friendly coatings, our new range of accessories are the perfect Eco addition to any bathroom.
Providing practical storage whilst showcasing the grain of our solid reclaimed hardwood, we introduce our Bathroom Shelf.


- Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelf
- Reclaimed, Carbon Locking, Solid Australian Hardwood Timber
- Eco-Friendly and Human Safe, Advanced Boat Centric Coatings
- Created with Green Powered Tooling
- Included Mounting Hardware 
- 5 Year Warranty
- Free shipping 
Our bathroom accessories are encapsulated with multiple layers of [multiple] high performance, boat building centric coatings. The outer 4 layers being an Eco & Human Safe, non-leaching high specification compound that is very hard wearing, UV rated and scratch resistant. This process of encapsulation is quite a labour intensive exercise, with up to 12 individual layers this usually takes 2 full weeks to complete.
LxWxH          300 x 125 x 22 mm 
Weight:         720 grams    /    25 oz
Lead Time:    1-2 weeks
Eco Bathroom Shelf _Bathroom Accessories
* Our bathroom accessories are hand-crafted, a slight variation to specifications are expected, generally +\-  3mm

** Each piece of sustainably sourced timber is unique, so too is each bathroom accessory... both the wood itself & the process of hand creation will mean that no two pieces are exactly alike... it is this imperfect perfection that makes each accessory special. 

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