Premium Japanese Woodworking Tools

As ambassadors for Professional Tooling Australia we endorse and recommend the collection of hand crafted Japanese woodworking tools they represent. 

We use [daily] their professional Mitsukawa pull-saw range along with the astounding Tsune (Tsunesaburo) woodworking planes and Tataki chisels.

Premium Japanese Woodworking Tools _Hand Crafted Pullsaws & Carpentry Tools


We are also testing a large selection of handcrafted Japanese saws, hand tools and woodworking products imported from Japan from bespoke manufacturers.


Japanese Saws Australia _Premium Japanese Woodworking Tools & PullSaws

Under evaluation are various joinery & woodworking tools, including premium Japanese chisels, hand planes & scoring knives. There's also [for personal use on our farm] a select set of pruning saws and carving tools we are evaluating.


Japanese Tools Australia _Premium Japanese Woodworking Tools & Pull-Saws

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